Advanced Research Publications

About ADR

Advanced Research (ADR) Publications is an autonomous body. We have been publishing Journals since 2013. We have a proven proficiency in delivering best in class services - across an array of human development domains like Science, Technology, Medicine, Health, Arts, Pharmacy, Nursing and Management to name a few. We are publishing more than 80 Journals and its being published on an open access, peer review and a refereed platform with a team of dedicated and seasoned experts

ADR's more than 50% Journals have ISSN and few of them are also UGC approved. With a range of reputed institutes/ associations already a part of our team: we openly look forward to more such mutually constructive engagements.

We render services to the scientific community with allied publishing activities like online editing, formatting, language translations, technical support for OJS , indexing, marketing and advertisement are some of our supplementary competencies on offer.

ADR is in collaboration with Century Publications for Books Publication and its marketing. ADR strictly adheres to the publication ethics and castigate any kind of deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious/ political/ national feelings of any individual class or community. Any content which exhibits irreverence or attempts to insult the religion or insults the religious or political beliefs of any individual, class/ religion/ sect will not be accepted or entertained by Journals of Advanced Research Publications in electronic or print version.