Journal of Advanced Research in Quality Control & Management

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Journal of Advanced Research in Quality Control & Management 

Editor in Chief:

Prof. (Dr.) Priyavrat Thareja
Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Technology
GNA University, Hargobindpura,
Phagwara, Punjab, India.

Focus & Scope:

  • Design/implementation of productivity/QMS
  • Business process reengineeringp
  • Equipment maintenance & availability
  • Functional/enterprise integration/management
  • Green/environmental productivity/quality, TQM, QFD
  • Gauging, calibration & measurement
  • Green Marketing
  • Life cycle costing & sustainability
  • Link between competitiveness and productivity/quality improvement
  • Measures/metrics, benchmarking, best practices
  • Product liability
  • Product testing techniques & systems
  • Productivity and quality management
  • Productivity and quality improvement strategies
  • Productivity improvements & regulatory standards for quality
  • Quality function deployment
  • Reliability & quality education & training
  • Reliability Management of Systems
  • Statistical process control
  • System modelling
  • SPC and process capability analysis, FEMA
  • Supply chain/virtual enterprise environments, SMEs
  • Software products, IT/IS, e.g. www, EDI, RFID, ERP
  • Six sigma approach, continuous improvement, knowledge management
  • Total quality management
  • Total productivity management, productivity function deployment
  • Techniques and tools for productivity and quality management

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